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Providing Ballet and Dance Instruction to Cypress, Tomball, and Spring area Since 1996

Hip-Hop Dance Classes


Hip-Hop Dance Classes are highly recommended for those youth that want to experience dance without any previous formal dance experinece.  This class is wonderful as an introduction for those wanting to look at  taking dance, whether at Artisan, or in their school program.  If a student is taking dance class in their school program without prior classical training, this Hip-Hop Class is a wonderful compliment.  It is also a great opportunity for students to learn awesome dance moves for their schools' social dances!

Hip-hop dancing covers a large range of styles, moves & techniques. However, the cornerstone of the style is undoubtedly break-dancing. Over time, those roots, or the 'old school' way of dancing, as well as the break-dancing culture, have evolved into many different off-shoots. Funk dancing, popping and locking, jigging, freaking, krump, and hy-phy are all examples of types of hip-hop dance, and each of these style contain certain moves that distinguish it from other Hip-Hop forms.

Currently, many youth, and even adults, have become more and more interested in participating in a Hip-Hop Dance class because the dance beats associated with Hip-Hop have become the underlying beats in much of popular music heard on the radio today.  It is a fun form of expressing yourself without encountering social pressure and expectation.